Where Do I Sign Up?: Promo Video For The Polish Knight Fight League, A FIGHT CLUB IN MEDIEVAL ARMOR

September 23, 2013


This is a promo video for the Polska Liga Walk Rycerskich, a fighting league for people dressed in full medieval armor and swinging actual (albeit not super quality) swords and axes and maces at each other. I'm going to join and, God willing, die a hero's death in my first battle. "He took his helmet off right when Sir Bloodlust was swinging!" spectators will recall in horror.

Click for the video -- and watch a dude lose his helmet at 1:40 and look genuinely concerned for his life.

Thanks to nebbul, who would ride a fire-breathing dragon into battle and burninate all those chumps.

  • Joey Rooklyn

    where can I watch matches online ?

  • PunkJr

    My friend Bill was on Team USA, they went over to Poland for the national tournament last year! It was AWESOME.

    Their uniforms were pretty sweet too, a nice combination of the red & white stripes with the blue field with stars.

  • ygreiga

    i would ride in with that giant ass fire-breathing dragon Traddino!!! Fos ro dah!!! mother Fu#kers!!!


  • Ben Floyd

    There's also unarmored swordfighting. It's called HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts).

  • Lee E Craven
  • Matthew Anderson

    The SCA has had "live steel" branches for decades. http://www.adrianempire.org for example.

  • Silver Monk

    yes the sca has had "live steel" branches but if you find the rules
    then you will notice some very serious diffrences

  • Matthew Anderson

    How would i notice differences i am not aware of? I never said i was in the SCA. Do elucidate if you would though please, i'm curious.

  • Silver Monk

    both the sca and botn are full blow combat, the main diferences being the sca fight face to face (mainly) and with rules to make it very safe
    botn however have no problem with a 7 foot russian swinging a 3kg steel weight into the back of your head and have rules to stop it being a blood bath

  • Matthew Anderson

    Gotcha, Thanks!

  • Sławomir Uchto

    Tak, kurwa! TAK! :D

  • ODwanKenObi

    What could possibly go wrong.

  • qwert`

    not that much more than with football or karate?
    which is still a fair amount i suppose but the alternitive is staying inside playing vidyagames and forgetting to pee until your kidneys die. I'll take Poland's dangerous sports over Korea's. Lower death rate.

  • ODwanKenObi

    Yes, if football and karate were played with swords, maces and axes. Looks fun though.

  • qwert`

    they aren't sharp and its not like you don't get steel armor :)

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