Where Are They Now?: Street Fighter Character Edition

September 10, 2013


This is a series of Street Fighter characters digitally painted by DeviantARTist I-GUYJIN-I (aka Arman Akopian) along with a little story for each imagining where they are now. SPOILER: mostly down in the dumps. Apparently not everyone that participates in underground street fighting tournaments goes on to be multi-millionaires surrounded by hot babes. Shocking, I know. I played football in high school, and where's fame and fortune? Jesus, just look at me. I SAID LOOK AT ME. "You're naked." Ahahahhahah, I love doing that. I lied about the football thing BTW, I was a twirler.

Hit the jump for a couple more legible ones at low-res but click these links to see high-res versions for Ryu, Sagat, E. Honda, Vega, Cammy and Blanka.




Thanks to lilco, who prefers fairy tale endings.

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