Well That's Something You Don't See Everyday: An Otter Juggling A Rock At The Zoo

September 23, 2013


This is a video of an otter juggling a rock at the Sea Life Oberhausen in Germany. He's like, really good at it. Better than I could ever be, and I SHOULD have better hand-eye coordination. I've even been kicked out of a movie theater before for not being able to get the popcorn in my mouth. 'DON'T YOU POINT THAT LITTLE LIGHTSABER FLASHLIGHT AT ME!' I yelled at the usher before poking myself in the eye with a straw.

Check out the whole video below, then go steal this guy for your traveling circus.

Thanks to Mary-Ann, hands down my favorite lady on Gilligan's Island if you exclude Mrs. Howell.

  • Mickeysutube

    juggling otter from England : http://youtu.be/a0r6Qvz3Eoo

  • Topher Gee

    Harlem Globe Otters

  • joebmore


  • Smivey

    One thing I do see every day is people incorrectly using "everyday."

  • Conrado Parra

    unless you work taking cares of the otters at the Sea Life Oberhausen in German

  • HoneyBeeBoo

    "Everyday I'm jugglin'....."

  • allergicturtle

    the laugh at the end is pretty scary

  • cabbo

    Like Wario's.

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