Vroom Vroom, Venom!: Spider Man Motorcycle Helmets

September 20, 2013


These are the custom painted Spider Man and Venom (after the jump) motorcycle helmets made by DONY Custom. They're available on eBay for $430+ depending on the style. That's a lot of money, but can you really put a price on protecting your head and looking good at the same time? I say no, but my roommate is shaking his head. Really, Derek? You think you can put a price on that? "I don't know what you're talking about, but you need to learn to flush the f***ing toilet." Is that what this is about? Because I care about conservation and saving water? "You shower for over an hour at a time." Please Derek, let's not argue in front of the Geekologie readers. "You brought this on yourself." I'm warning you, bro, one more peep and you're gonna regret it. "Am I?" Hey everybody, I caught Derek masturbating to 'Game of Thrones' last week! HAHA, LAST WORD. *publishes article*

Hit the jump for a ton more including the toothy Venom one and a BONUS stormtrooper one.










Thanks to lilco, who's terrified of motorcycles but would be the first person to volunteer to test a prototype jetpack with no helmet.

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