Toss Me Another Kitty: Hello Kitty Brand Fruit Beers

September 25, 2013


This is a line of Hello Kitty beer brewed by the Long Chuan Beer Company near Taiwan. I'm not sure if it's actually beer or just a wine cooler though, because it's only 2.5% alcohol. That's half of even a shitty beer. Plus it comes in passion fruit, lemon, banana and peach flavors. That doesn't sound very beery to me. What it does sound like is the perfect booze to sell to children. No lie, a couple months ago my local beer store accidentally stocked Four Loco in with the energy drinks because the cashier didn't know they were alcoholic. I told him and he acted all concerned that he could get in trouble for selling booze to kids but when I came back two days later they were still there so I'm not sure what kind of racket this guy is running.

Thanks to lebeeps, who agrees the best beers are the ones shared with good friends and not the ones people have put their cigarettes butts in.

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