This Ain't Harry Potter World: Bride Hires Owl To Deliver Rings During Wedding, Owl Flies To Ceiling And Sleeps

September 18, 2013


It's your wedding day and you want to make it special, so what do you do? What anybody else who's too deep into Harry Potter would -- hire a falconer to have a trained barn owl fly your rings down the aisle tied to its feet. The only problem? HEDWIG AIN'T F***IN' HAVING IT.

The ceremony had to be put on hold when the owl, called Darcy, took to the rafters of the 900-year-old church that was hosting the ceremony and stayed there.

It remained perched high above the guests' heads at the Holy Cross Church in Sherston, Wilts, for an hour, during which time it dozed off.

After repeated failed attempts to coax it down, Rev Chris Bryan decided to continue the ceremony using a back-up set of rings.

The couple, from Oxfordshire, had left the church by the time Darcy was finally brought back down, with the aid of a long ladder.

Ahahahhahahha, man that's great -- I wish I could have been there. 'Well what the hell did you expect? He knows this isn't official Hogwarts business!' I would have yelled between laughing. 'Maybe next time see if Dumbledore can't Phoenix the rings here or something. God -- you two. I can't believe you're marrying my sister.'

Thanks to PYY and Side Effect, who agree it's pretty obvious nobody in that church knew magic if you can't even get a barn owl down from the rafters.

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