The United States Of Sadness: What Your State Is Worst At

September 25, 2013


Note: Larger version HERE although I don't know why you'd need a bigger version unless your state is number one in shitty vision.

This is The United States of Shame (links to article with more info on each state), a map depicting what each particular state is worst at. Some of them aren't too surprising (i.e. all the old people to steal identities from in Florida), but a lot of them caught me off guard. Also, is Ohio's 'nerdiest state' status even a bad thing? And what about Idaho's 'least government influence'? That actually sounds good to me. Idaho, the 'Live Off The Grid And Stockpile Guns' state. Then there's Washington, South Dakota and Nebraska, the 'You Really Need To Get Your Shit Together' states.

Thanks to Side Effect, which may include wanting to move out of the state, wanting to move out of the country, wanting to blast off for the moon, and irritable bowels.

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