The United States Of Sadness: What Your State Is Worst At

September 25, 2013


Note: Larger version HERE although I don't know why you'd need a bigger version unless your state is number one in shitty vision.

This is The United States of Shame (links to article with more info on each state), a map depicting what each particular state is worst at. Some of them aren't too surprising (i.e. all the old people to steal identities from in Florida), but a lot of them caught me off guard. Also, is Ohio's 'nerdiest state' status even a bad thing? And what about Idaho's 'least government influence'? That actually sounds good to me. Idaho, the 'Live Off The Grid And Stockpile Guns' state. Then there's Washington, South Dakota and Nebraska, the 'You Really Need To Get Your Shit Together' states.

Thanks to Side Effect, which may include wanting to move out of the state, wanting to move out of the country, wanting to blast off for the moon, and irritable bowels.

  • Ralph Wimbledon

    Ohio is the nerdiest states? LMFAO. Okay...

  • Jessica Rose

    this is so true about us ohioians :)

  • Whaaat?

    Take a look at the table again for Missouri that you included as a "source". That was from 2005.
    If you scroll down, in 2011 Missouri isn't even on the top 10 list anymore.

  • Jackel

    VA i cant complain about teacher salary mostly because i had a news paper article about it the other day i had to laugh because my health book was from the 1980. and was falling apart.

  • Ariella Diamond

    So Pennsylvania is just full of failed arsonists?
    I think I can live with that.
    They really needed better wording for their graphic.

  • Chris Punches

    I'm sorry, did you say Iowa was the 'oldest state'? What 2nd grader put this together?

  • Rachel

    I think it means they have the largest number of senior citizens.

  • pudge

    I'm calling shenanagans on a lot of these. Including, but not limited to, the labels on Utah, Colorado, Maine, Rhode Island, North Dakota, Washington, Seattle, and Tennessee. I will however begrudgingly accept my state's label of worst drivers.

  • Mister Cerberus

    South Dakota is the worst at rape.

    I love that Nevada just flat out says 'Crime'. Other states have specific crimes, Nevada is just like "All of them"

  • Lemming

    "High school graduation","cost of living" and "daily commute" seem to be the only ones worded correctly for being the "worst" at something. Pretty hodegeypodgey graphic there.

  • Wendy Larson

    Obviously these people have never been to North Dakota, they are not ugly. Just Google actors from North Dakota and you will see what I mean, these are typical North Dakota people. Names include Josh Duhamel from Transformers and Kam Heskin from Catch Me If You Can.

  • Jonas

    I apparently live in the dumbest state, which given the American educational system, is really saying something.

  • kristopher

    Well looks like i wont be taking my dog to Mount Rainier any time soon.

  • Zach V

    I gotta say, I've lived in 5 states now, and Ohio was my favorite. Texas is in last place.

  • CrazyUncleNicola

    What is bestiality =P

  • Zach V

    Sexing with animals.

  • setheaster

    Interesting that the state that presumably gets the most sex (re: polygamy freaks) is worst for porn.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    "Homeless population"

    Portland is kinda tipping the scale on that one

  • Ollie Williams

    No shit. I can't drive downtown without someone waving a cardboard sign in front of me.

  • Should say "What is your state the BEST at." California is definitely not the WORST at air pollution. lol

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