The United States & Canadian Map Of Bigfoot Sightings

September 18, 2013


This is a map created by Josh Stevens displaying the 3,313 North American Bigfoot sightings collected by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization in the last 92-years. It's crazy to think that behind every single one of those little purplish dots there's either a liar, crazy person, or someone who refuses to admit they need eyeglasses.

Thanks to Jason W, who claims he's responsible for at least four of these sightings but failed to mention he can't read the third line on an optometrist's eye chart.

  • SecondChancePuppyLove

    Does anyone know where i can find downloadable data for sasquatch sightings only in Canada? I am a GIS student wanting to do a map for a class project

  • Todd Partain

    They are real. go on youtube and search for Todd Partain and watch : Denying Bigoot, the conspiracy in our own minds. It will explain all the ridicule and dismissals on here from people who don't examine the facts.

  • mitchhedberg

    what if big foot is really just an out of focus monster?

  • DeL

    haha looks like the sightings happen the most on those region where people are most famous to abuse some illicit and enjoyable substances :)

  • Mario Rosales

    i want to believe...

  • Joel Lamm

    According to my research of their mating patterns, this map seems highly accurate. They seem to generally stay in the northwest during summer months and tend to migrate to the South during the winter months. During their stay in the South, their activities include gator wrangling, catfish noodling, raping the local wildlife, and any other activity that provides them general merriment. The population in Washington is very large do to that fact that they have wild orgies with the local hippie population every 3-5 years........

  • Forblat


  • Forblat
  • Garrett Spicer

    The sightings seem to increase immensely after photoshop is released.

  • Guest

    i saw Bigfoot once, he was next to the trinity killer. Maybe that's why we can't see him

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