The Old 'Using An Ultra HD-TV To Look Like A Window With A Meteor Coming To Destroy The City' Prank

September 4, 2013


This is an ad for LG's $20,000 84-inch ultra-HD (4k resolution) television featuring a bunch of people who think they're coming in for a job interview, then witness a meteor speeding towards the city out the window (actually the TV), the room shakes, and they freak out. I have no idea if the interviewees were actually paid actors or not, but I'm really hoping not. And if I find out they were I'm never buying another LG product again. I only buy from companies I can TRUST. Think before you advertise, that's the real message here. Jk jk, the real message is how did none of these people think about having sex if they really thought they were about to die? Seriously, if I'm anywhere and the lights go out I yell 'IT'S THE END -- ORGY TIME!' and start begging for kisses before somebody discovers the switch I'd flipped.

Hit the jump for the video and judge for yourself.

Thanks to my half-friend Terry, who I try to convince he's about to die every single day.

  • stuffsticks

    I do love how they have adverts showing off the display prowess of a new device but on our regular crappy devices. so technically there is nothing better than what our current TV can do....

  • Amplifide

    Faaakkkeeeee!!! The shadows are all wrong! :)

  • Alessandro Schiassi

    Clearly greenscreen, you can see the green spills when they moved their hands in front of it or the girl's hair.

  • I'm glad it's fake. It would be really mean to do something like that to a person who's looking for a job.

  • Proteon

    Sponsored by LG

  • Michael Knight

    hahaha nothing like a good joke instead of a REAL JOB. "Wasn't that entertaining Mr. Unemployed?"
    "Yeah, I have a joke for you." Pulls out colt-45 and goes on killing spree....

  • Kyle Biggs

    Wana know if it is real? Easy answer: No. The screen's image is green-screened. You can see artifacting in people's hair when they pass in front of it, not to mention the black levels are some how darker than the shadows in the room, which is impossible for a TV unless it is using some magical anit-light.

  • Scandje Fult

    Ignoring everything about the actors and parallax and all and playing along like it's real, though...

    Man, I really hope this interview goes well. I don't even care what it's for anymore, I just need work.
    (15 minutes later)
    Whoa. That was scary as heck, guys. You mean that was a TV? That's amazing! Maybe one day when I have a job I'll remember how great the picture was on this television and buy one.

  • cabbo

    Fake, shadows all wrong, Step Up 2 yada yada.

  • galvatron

    Let's say they weren't acting. Where are they running? To safety? If you see a meteor strike the Earth a few miles away from you, you might as well pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the spectacle.

  • VirtualMark

    Yeah there's not a lot you can do. I'd just accept my fate, it's not like I have a choice in the matter!

  • It's hard to go against the 'fight or flight' instinct we inherited from our ancestors.

  • VirtualMark

    Use intelligence, we inherited that too.

  • lindsay lohan

    terrible acting.

  • ZerglingPack

    I'm waiting for Panasonic to start trying to sell their ridiculous $500K, 152 inch tv this way.

  • bobjr94

    Its already been reposted about 8 times.

  • Guest

    Finally, the proper use for HD screens.

  • Looks hilarious, but pulled from Youtube by LG. :(

  • Rory

    All the effort put into that video, and they can't even prank actual unsuspecting people (why would you hire actors to deliver fake reactions? Oh riiiight, 'cause the image on the TV is superimposed!)

  • SergioSource

    Not to mention shit would hit the fan when someone had an heart attack

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