The Old 'Using An Ultra HD-TV To Look Like A Window With A Meteor Coming To Destroy The City' Prank

September 4, 2013


This is an ad for LG's $20,000 84-inch ultra-HD (4k resolution) television featuring a bunch of people who think they're coming in for a job interview, then witness a meteor speeding towards the city out the window (actually the TV), the room shakes, and they freak out. I have no idea if the interviewees were actually paid actors or not, but I'm really hoping not. And if I find out they were I'm never buying another LG product again. I only buy from companies I can TRUST. Think before you advertise, that's the real message here. Jk jk, the real message is how did none of these people think about having sex if they really thought they were about to die? Seriously, if I'm anywhere and the lights go out I yell 'IT'S THE END -- ORGY TIME!' and start begging for kisses before somebody discovers the switch I'd flipped.

Hit the jump for the video and judge for yourself.

Thanks to my half-friend Terry, who I try to convince he's about to die every single day.

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