South Korea Building World's First 'Invisible' Skyscraper

September 12, 2013


The South Korean government has approved the plans to build an invisible tower outside of Seoul near the Incheon International Airport (GREAT PLACE FOR AN INVISIBLE TOWER). The building was designed by GDS Architects of Pasadena, California, and works by
using cameras to capture real-time views from behind the building, then display them on the front using a wall of LEDs (similar to that invisible car Mercedes made). I honestly can't think of a better waste of energy.

Cameras will be placed at three different heights on six different sides of the building to capture real-time images of the surroundings; three other sections, each filled with 500 rows of LED screens, will project the individual digital images.

Through digital processing, images will be scaled, rotated and merged to create a seamless panoramic image that appears on the LED rows to create the illusion of invisibility.

In essence, whatever is going on behind the building will be projected onto the front of the building.

I'm sure it will look DECENT, but due of the law of changing perspective, it would really only look invisible when viewed from a single, perfect angle. A single, perfect dangle? *pointing* Right here in my pants. I'm talking about my penis. Jk jk -- I'm talking about your penis, stud. Now you can't say I've never said anything nice to you, even if it was a lie.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the tower, which, when completed, will also feature the world's third highest observation deck.



Thanks to Leppid, who agrees the best invisible buildings are hidden by actual magic and not just a shit-ton of LEDs.

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