Show A Little Backbone, Will Ya?: Vodka With A Miniature Spine And Ribcage In Every Bottle

September 13, 2013


This is Spine Vodka, a packaging concept from German designer Johannes Schulz for a high-alcohol, vanilla flavored vodka that has a little spine and ribcage in every bottle. The concept is "meant to convey the idea that the alcoholic beverage has a real 'backbone' that buyers can trust," and is not just another shitty novelty vodka that you're only buying because of the cool bottle. Also, 76% alcohol? 152-proof -- that's strong. You could easily set that on fire. And I plan on it. Booze and fire are two of my favorite things in this world and any other world unless we discover three-tittied alien chicks on another world in which cause it would be booze, three-tittied alien chicks, and fire, in that order.

Hit the jump for a couple closeups.



Thanks to GR, who doesn't care what sort of packaging booze comes in as long as its not a rubbing alcohol bottle.

  • Pizza

    RAWR BACKBONE! (vanilla flavoured and pink mini umbrella included) RAWRR!

  • Amy

    This would mix well with Orange Crush. You could call it an R.E.M.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    The gimmicks that people fall for...

  • HoneyBeeBoo

    "For when you get to hammered it feels like you have no spine.......There's Spine Vodka. *Please drink irresponsibly*

  • Alex DemiHuman

    you should totally get on that sweet ass trip to mars, i heard there's some nice three tittied ladies over there.

  • Guest

    If you're mate is a chiropractor and love's booze, this seems like the perfect gift.

  • lmern

    Holy shit, this can't be a coincidence...

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