Seusstastic Park, A Jurassic Park/Doctor Seuss Mashup

September 26, 2013


To celebrate the multi-million dollar dinosaur themed renovation of their Best Western in Denver, Greg Tally and his wife commissioned action figure customizer Sillof to reimagine Jurassic Park as if it were written by Dr. Seuss. The result is this Seusstastic Park toy line. Pretty cute, right? Way cuter than reimagining Jurassic Park written by that lady who wrote 'Fifty Shades of Gray'. For the record, I would still read that though. Actually, scratch that from the record -- I'd still read it, I just don't want that on the record. I might get involved in politics one day and I don't need anybody digging that sort of thing up. "What about everything else you've ever said on Geekologie?" I told you those things in confidence!

Continue for shots of all the dinosaurs but make sure to check out the poem that goes along with the figures HERE.








Thanks Greg, now can I come for a free stay? No? Tell you what -- I'll settle for a complimentary continental breakfast.

  • Meredith Tally

    Glad you liked the Seusstastic Park characters. Just wanted to let you know that "his wife" is me, Meredith Tally! We're so excited to be mentioned in Geekologie--thanks for the coverage.

  • Nathjam

    This is just what Universal Studios needs to see right about now. They're expanding both Jurassic Park AND their Seuss section of Orlando parks. Perhaps we may see it made large scale and life sized if they do. Make it so.

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