Robot Can Solve Any Rubik's Cube In Under A Second

September 27, 2013


This is a video of a robot that can solve any Rubik's Cube combination in under a second. Although, to its discredit, it has to have all the sides of the cube scanned prior -- it just makes the moves in under a second. It also has to have a custom cube with a special indentation in the middle box of each side so it can hold the thing. In hindsight, I guess it's not that impressive after all. *hands robot a rainbow painted grenade* Solve this one, dickbag!

Continue for a video of the cube solver in action and a shorter video news report.

Thanks to Mungo9000, who handed the robot an orange and watched its CPU melt.

  • Brian Graham
    That one can scan AND solve in three-point-something seconds. Oh, and it is made out of LEGO.

  • Reza Kurniawan

    It doesn't actually turn it that fast. There are rubik's cube apps that can find the true fastest solve. They don't work with rote and practice like humans, it uses math to be far more efficient, meaning a whole different method. So it already knows what to do beforehand, but it also makes less turns because it knows the shortest path; it doesn't actually turn all that fast. Not to mention that the machine can easily turn each side of the cube, where as a human would have to turn the cube as a whole to see more sides and turn different faces.

  • John

    You Are not serious! Just recently a lego robot showed 5 sec solving, but this one is crazy.:/
    Is it done in this solving method?

  • Reza Kurniawan

    No, in all seriousness, that method is only for humans. Computers use maths and stuff.

  • Gabriel Arturo Alonso

    What a fake. Considering the time it takes to actualy set it up (showing the cam all the faces) and that it needs a custom cube to solve it, it is probably slower than human records.

  • Jonathan Gendron

    It solves it before you put it in there by the map it draws out, i've seen teenagers faster.

  • That is fast, but for reading it is not as fast as this one someone invented with legos!!!

  • ODwanKenObi

    Now can someone shoot this in super slow motion.

  • wowemily

    I assume the processing time would take a nano-second. It may already have every possible combination and solution built into its database, so it simply just picks out the right solution from a list. This is what I do when I solve a rubik's cube, but I have a micro chip in my brain ... oops, I wasn't supposed to tell anyone that. (Hops back in time machine.)

  • JJtoob

    Someone hacked your chip so you spilled the beans, blame your own cheap shit electronics.

  • dunch

    Cancer, world famine, efficient space travel, a machine that solves Rubik's cubes exceptionally fast... I'm glad we got one of those great world problems out of the way.

  • You really think we pulled someone off the efficient space travel project to do this? I can promise you they are different guys.

  • McfeelySmackup

    While it does it fast, I only count 4 actual twists of the cube for the solution. Which coincidentally is about all it takes for a cube to appear totally random but actually be only a few twists from solution.

  • Spencer Rogers-Greason

    Yeah, the thing turns it fast, sure, but does it process all this before hand, or does it process it AND physically solve it in under a second?

    Because if it's just processing before hand and then turning it really fast, well....meh.

  • All they would have to do is put like a revolving camera that snaps fast pictures. I think the processing time wouldn't take much time.

  • Sebastian Hoch

    The most interesting point is not covered here and that is how much processing time does it take to calculate the solution?

  • asdfasdf

    With modern technology it's probably negligible. It might as well be doing it at the same time as rotating the sides.

  • Codescriber

    Fast, It's Really Saving Time!

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