Robbery Gone Right: Would-Be Liquor Store Robber Tries To Hold Up 4-Tour Iraq Vet, Winds Up With Gun In Mouth

September 5, 2013


This is a short security cam video of some dipshit robber in Marionville, Montana trying to hold up a liquor store. The only problem is 4-tour Iraq vet Jon Lewis Alexander is working the counter and isn't having it. He pushes the robber's gun down, and, in the blink of an eye, has his own weapon in the dude's mouth. Surprise!

Meanwhile, the store clerk explains that he never fired a shot because the thief's weapon was never pointed directly at him.

"If I had seen the actual barrel of the gun, I would have pulled the trigger," he said. "My life wasn't threatened."

He adds that he didn't immediately tell his wife, Pam, about the incident because he didn't want to upset her. However, she eventually saw a copy of the surveillance footage.

"It took her a while to calm down," he said. "But I got all kinds of lovin' when she came home."

Heck yeah, Pam came home with all kinds of lovin'! Now that's a happy ending. There's no way you can watch that footage and not realize you're married to a badass. If I find out he also makes breakfast in bed I say we just go ahead and give him the hunky husband of the year award. You hear that, shirtless fireman? You can slide right back up that pole! Awww, is that a dalmatian?

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Ryan, who would have done the exact same thing except with a bow and arrow because he's afraid of guns.

  • kristopher

    This guy looks a bit old to have done 4 tours in Iraq even if they're talking about Desert Storm.

  • Jermain Palmen

    For the guys going all 'Ermahgehrd, shaky cam, so fake!', it's a recording of a recording.
    Probably from the news or some stuff.

  • Chad Burton

    free men are armed

  • havanother

    If it's not fake, why is the 'security camera' handheld? Also, robber pulls a gun, guy at counter didn't knock it down at all, he kind of fumbled then drew his own gun. He was just lucky the robber didn't step back or pull the trigger or anything. Which again, makes me question the authenticity.

  • penisbelenis

    Security cam isn't handheld. This is footage from a handheld device recording footage from a computer screen - like taking a video of something on tv using your iphone.

  • stuffsticks

    was looking at that but you can see he had his hand up preventing the guy from raising his gun.. besides he his gun in the dude's face.. if he started raising his weapon it would have been goodbye jaw

  • limaupurut

    the video posted above was taken from a recording of a computer monitor (you can see the video player command @ 0:02), thus the handheld video

  • Tom327Cat

    Shaky security cam? Or fake video?

  • Battlebob

    Looks like someone shooting a video of a TV screen. You can see the edge of the screen a few times.

  • Tater Hill

    looks fake to me kind of like Hardcore Pawn set ups

  • Ashley Wiggs

    This was in missouri, not montana.

  • Doug Eldridge

    If by badass you mean a moron who put his life on the line for the crap he was selling in his store then yes.

  • Jono666

    It's more about making a stand and sticking up for your principals than defending potato chips dude. Not only that, but who is to say this criminal wouldn't have just shot the clerk regardless of his cooperation? Also, "the crap he was selling in his store" equates to a livelihood for that law-abiding citizen; that means money to put food on the table for his family and so forth, so don't call a more brave man that you a moron for standing up for himself and defending what's his.

  • dougfunnay

    theres also the fact that he can write off the stolen property and or the criminal would be held liable for the loss when he is caught..... its not like the guy isnt on camera. what possible reason would the thief have to shoot him if he cooperated (if that was the case he would have shot first no questions asked)..... pretty sure the guy wanted a quick buck rather than federal prison with no parole.... but keep it up with your unrealistic scenarios and oohrah attitude (im against gun control but keep your idiocy to yourself)

  • T_Eye

    People that are cooperating with a robber get beaten, maimed, and killed all the time.

    If one has the ability to protect themself, there's nothing wrong with doing so.

  • Anodos

    Pretty sure he was more worried about the bullets coming out of the gun. Call it a learned instinct.

  • jrizz43

    Why is the liquor store clerk strapped with a handgun behind the counter?

  • Chad Burton

    because it's still a free country duh

  • Ashley Wiggs

    That how people roll in missouri

  • Bubbubsky

    I hear those liquor store things get robbed a lot. Plus, it's Montana. If you don't own a gun or belong to a militia, you're not an American. (And I, for one, love what this dude did - fast reaction, quick-draw, boom!)

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