Reading Genes: DNA Double Helix Shaped Bookshelf

September 12, 2013


This is the $1,050 DNA Bookcase made by Milano Furniture. It's six feet of spiraling shelves shaped like a double helix so you can arrange your books to look like little genome sequences. No lie, I have a friend who used to be a personal assistant for this rich lady and one day the lady asked her to go to all the local bookstores and only buy white hardcover books because she wanted to fill the bookcases in her study with all white books. She didn't care what they were, just as long as they were all white. I would have come back with 200 copies of 'Being Too Rich for Dummies'. "But these are yellow!" I know, but I think you should read them.

Hit the jump for more shots, then get your welding mask out and save yourself $1,000.





Thanks to me, for keeping reading alive even if it is all sad stories about my life and penis jokes (which aren't mutually exclusive btw).

  • Portable Genomics

    Try the precursor,MyDNA bookshelf, by Joel Escalona here:

  • wow, that is a MUCH more beautiful design

  • Alexandre


  • John Whatmeworry

    I remember having a similar case for CD's in the 90's. The most annoying fucking case in the world. Every time you pulled out a CD, two more would fall out. You could never straighten it out for fear of the whole thing collapsing, same reason you could never dust it (without taking all the CD's out first). Burn it, burn it to hell.

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