Questionable: 'Lifesize' Star Wars AT-ST Walker For Sale

September 20, 2013


Wow, great job on the thighs.

This is the 16-foot All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) replica for sale on eBay for £9,800 (~$15,700). The seller advertises it as life-size, but the Star Wars wiki I just checked (I did research for once!) says an AT-ST should stand 8.6-meters (~28-feet) high, so I'm pretty sure that's a lie. And, based on the seller's feedback rating of 91%, it sounds like it's not the first time they've lied. Me? I always get negative eBay feedback because I suck at mailing things out on time. All my comments read something like, "would not do business with again, shipped two weeks late, came wrapped in pages of a Penthouse. Not cool for a children's gift."

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots, including several with that TARDIS and a Hulk replica in the background.








Thanks to Jablez, who wants it even though I'm pretty sure if you tried to sit in it you'd topple over and crush an Ewok and get charged with vehicular manslaughter even though Ewoks aren't actually people.

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