'A Phone Worth Keeping': Phonebloks Conceptual Cell Phone's Parts Can Be Switched Out/Upgraded Individually

September 11, 2013


This is the conceptual Phonebloks cell phone. It consists of a single main board with modular components (including the screen) that can be switched out at the user's desire. Plan on using your phone as a camera for the day? Add a nicer camera module. Are you a grandma who only carries a cell phone hoping your grandkids will call? Remove everything and add a giant battery pack. The hope is that all the big phone manufacturers will compete to make the best components available, the problem being that none of the big phone companies will bother. Just keeping it real.

The Phonebloks concept features the display portion of the phone, with a circuit board behind it showing a peg board-style design that the blocks can be inserted into. Each block has a designated place on the phone, and each is labeled with a symbol of its function, such as Bluetooth and battery.

The phone is disassembled by removing two screws on the bottom of the handset, at which point the board can be removed and the blocks with it. In theory, a new block can be purchased and used to replace the old one, replacing a faulty component or updating an existing component to something more robust or higher capacity.

Admittedly, a progressive concept. And I would love to see a phone explode like a LEGO playset whenever it's dropped. "SEARCH THE FLOOR -- HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY WI-FI?" I really am all for it, I just don't see it happening. Still, I've been surprised in the past. Like just this past weekend my roommate actually brought a girl home. Whatever happened with her anyways, Derek? "That was my sister, bro." Okay, so maybe I haven't ever been surprised in the past.

Hit the jump for a video about the phone and what you can do to help make it a reality.

Thanks to Ferrous, James K, DustBoner, alex, CC and Pista, who all want cell phone that double as laser blasters. Right? GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT.

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