Oh Thank Goodness: Hello Kitty Face Contacts

September 19, 2013


Because what good is a Hello Kitty obsession if you can't put the cat right in your eyeball, apparently Hello Kitty contacts are a real thing. You can either get one big face that takes up your whole eyeball, or a ring of little faces that go around the pupil. Me? I'm going to wear an eyepatch over one eye and get a skull and crossbones contact for the other one. I'm going to need a cutlass and some facial scars too, so if you've ever wanted to throw darts at someone now's your chance. Did I ever tell you I was playing darts at a pub one time and this guy sitting on a bar stool next to me dropped one of his darts and unthinkingly tried to catch it by snapping his legs closed real fast and stabbed the point RIGHT INTO HIS FEMORAL ARTERY? When he pulled it out blood squirted all the way to the ceiling. I guarantee it's still there too.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots including the other design.




Thanks to TBTMH, who agrees the best contacts are laser eye surgery.

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