New York Installs 'Texting Zones' Along Its Highways

September 24, 2013


Because this is the sad world we live in, New York has begun repurposing 91 of the state's Park-N-Ride lots and rest stops to include "text stop" signs so motorists know they're a safe place to pull over and text instead of doing it while driving. Of course, if you actually need a sign to tell you a parking lot or rest stop is a good place to pull over and text you probably shouldn't be driving. Or texting -- not even from bed at night. Holy shit I think I just mass-texted a dick pic.

Thanks to Pyrblaze, who texts while driving the old fashioned way: not texting and instead just going over in his head what he'd like to say to the person when he calls them after returning home safely.

  • da1nonlysage

    FUCKING WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY (MY taxpayer money since I live in this dumbass city)

    I'm just gonna stop working

  • Mister Cerberus

    Why exactly do they need to specify that the area is for texting? Why not just say it's an area where it's okay to stop?

  • Rico

    oooor you texting pricks could wait until you get the fuck where you're going.

  • People are stupid and need to be reminded of common sense

  • boooo!

    There should also be a 'GPS-ing zone', where motorists can pull over and safely look for a 'texting zone' in their area.

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