My Friends Suck: Guy's Pals Plumb His House With Beer

September 18, 2013


The water's brown -- I should taste it.

Note: My internet went out so now I'm at the library which I hate doing because this is way less a place of learning and way more a place where bums sleep during the day before going out at night to be creepy.

Because apparently real friends exist and are just something I've never experienced, New Zealander Russ was pranked by his buddies when they rigged beer kegs to all the plumbing in his house so his faucets poured ice-cold beer. My friends? My friends pranked me by pretending they forgot my birthday by not showing up for the party. Good one, dickbags!

The clip shows them putting dozens of beer barrels under the house and hooking them up to the plumbing system so every tap in the building runs cold beer.

The men then rig the house with cleverly-hidden video cameras so they can capture the moment Russ walks in on the prank.

Trying keep giggles to a minimum, the men watch eagerly as Russ wonders around the house and turns a tap on saying, 'What the hell!'

Eventually they give up the joke and greet him; cheering and filming as Russ invites them in for a beer.

Listen -- if you come home and discover your faucet is pouring cold beer you IMMEDIATELY run to the store to buy some lotto scratchers because it is clearly the luckiest day of your life. Also, this is obviously a prank sponsored by the Tui Brewery because no group of dudes just so happens to have all that surveillance equipment. If they had to fund the prank themselves they would have just balanced a pitcher of beer on the top of a door that would have fallen on him when he opened it.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Scruffy, liz, Geromino and DAS, who all want their houses plumbed with chocolate milk. Mmmm, and maybe Hawaiian Punch in the guest bathroom.

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