More Video Game Inspired Little Golden Books

September 19, 2013


Remember Joey Spiotto's first series of video game inspired Little Golden Books? Well he's back with three more -- this time Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption and Half-Life. I would read them. I would read them and I would chew the corners just like I did with real Little Golden Books when I was a kid.

Hit the jump for the other two.



Thanks to carey and PYY, who both grew up reading Little Platinum Books because they come from privileged families. Lucky! I grew up reading Little Dirt Books.

  • Cheese

    Oh look, another book cover/dress/antique console/bikini inspired by a video game with shit artwork that must have taken 15 minutes (and 4 colours of crayon) to draw...

  • Joebot

    They took quite a bit longer than 15 minutes... and a lot more than 4 colors to "draw"... Let's see your artwork. No need to be such an asshole.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    That's a good point. He is an asshole. And these are very nicely done.

  • Cheese

    I know you want to fuck me.

  • Joebot

    Oh I get it... you're a troll. So funny and original! I love you.

  • Cheese

    Yeah dude, I'm trolling.. Because trolling is not calling someone an asshole for having an opinion on an oft repeated style of artwork. Good to know that. Now fuck off back to your cave you sad backwards little prick. xx

  • Frédéric Purenne

    3 books... Half-Life 3 CONFIRMED! (is that still a thing we do?)

    A little pet antler on that HL gold book would have been nice.

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