Man Builds His Own Knight Rider KITT Replica

September 5, 2013


This is a video of the Knight Rider KITT replica that Chris Palmer built out of a 1991 Pontiac Trans Am (the original KITT was an '82). It looks pretty impressive. Now I'm usually a pretty traditional dater, but if Chris picked me up in this thing I'd probably make an exception and kiss on the first date. *sitting in parked car in front of apartment* Well, what do you think KITT, should I do it? *robot voice* "Don't do it, Michael." MICHAEL -- WHO THE F*** IS MICHAEL?! Chris you've got some explaining to do, mister.

Hit the jump for a video tour. Oh, and Chris's KITT doesn't actually talk yet by the way, so we may have actually made it to second base IRL.

Thanks to Godwin, who's always dreamed of driving his car into the back of a moving tractor trailer like in Knight Rider and Spy Hunter. Dream big, bro.

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