Lofty Goals: Bill Nye Wants To Change The World Video

September 4, 2013


This is a short video of Bill Nye discussing his Science Guy show (which will celebrate its 20th anniversary on September 10th -- what have I done with my life?), climate change, and his method of teaching and influencing science. It's worth a watch, particularly if you like Bill. If you don't like Bill, well, you're probably a hater. Even if you refuse to believe in climate change you can't deny the man looks good in a bow tie and has aged the way most fine wines only dream of. "Sounds like somebody has a crush." Shut up! Shut up or I'll tell everybody you have hair on your wiener!

UPDATE: It was also just announced Bill is also going to be on this season's Dancing With The Stars in an attempt to spread his science knowledge to the world's soccer moms.

Hit the jump for the video of the uncle everybody wishes they had.

Thanks to PYY, who loves science and encourages all young people to consider a career in one of the sciences and not pop music.

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