Living Cube Combines Entertainment Center, Bookshelves, Wardrobe, Walk-In Closet, Loft Bed

September 6, 2013


So, what do you wanna do tonight? We can watch the TV or my jackets and shoes.

This is the Living Cube designed by Till Könneker. It's not actually alive though. It's FOR living, not living itself. Although I suppose the wood was alive once. Now it's dead. Tree bones. It combines the functionality of an entertainment center, bookshelves, an open wardrobe, walk-in closet and loft bed. You know, I came up with the idea to build something similar for myself a few years ago. Except instead of a walk-in closet I was going to grow a bunch of weed in it. Actually I still might do that.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots. Nice top hat btw.








Thanks to Lauren N, who has so much space she installed three Living Cubes. I feel like, I dunno, maybe you missed the purpose. SIIIIIIIIKE, I BET YOUR PLACE IS THE TITS.

  • cyran

    This is kind of a bad design. you could invert the right side of the shelves and make it thicker entry way and then put the 'closet' in the very back. That way you're no tso squished inside.

  • Allen Lesnett

    So what happens when you want to watch TV in bed?

  • Mish Tran

    my first question is. What happens if he accidentally falls off the bed...

  • Turbosloth

    what happens when you bring a girl home? No self-respecting woman is going to climb a ladder to your bed....You know what that means? sluts forever!

  • Wow! The 'walk-in closet' looks huge.
    It's either dimensionally transcendental or he's off into Narnia.

  • Mikeasauraus

    Who would watch TV in those shitty chairs ? Shouldnt have spent all your money on a living cube I guess.

  • Well, I hope you're happy. You've managed to impress me, the unimpressionable one. My friends will make fun of me for this. You did well.

  • Conrado Parra

    you'll need a big ass door to fit that in...

  • Two words.
    Flat pack.

  • Guest

    It may come with more than an Allen wrench. A full size tool kit and 2 red bulls. :D

  • BiggyD!!!

    "It's not actually alive though" Not really a cube either... where the hell did they get the name from? Still, I suppose it sounds better than Occupation Oblong

  • Michael Greco

    Actually, Occupation Oblong has a nice ring to it.

  • All of them Katie

    Where was this when I was living in half a converted garage? I had to make one myself out of a crusty futon and a bunch of empty milk crates.

  • WhiteEagle2

    I don't care about the "Living Cube", but I want that rug.

  • Michael Greco
  • Sarah Lorraine Truitt

    First thing I thought too!

  • Guest

    This is pretty cool. Great to be applied to studio apartments and college dorms. A billion dollah idea here folks!

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