LEGO Introduces Its First Female Scientist Minifig

September 4, 2013


As part of its 11th series of blind-bagged minifigs, LEGO has introduced a female scientist. Apparently it's a big deal because female minifigs in the sciences have been fairly limited in the past and included little more than an astronaut and surgeon. The scientist comes complete with lab jacket and pants, two magic potions, and a haircut like my mom's. Official weird description:

"I wonder what will happen if I put THIS together with THAT..."

The brilliant Scientist's specialty is finding new and interesting ways to combine things together. She'll spend all night in her lab analyzing how to connect bricks of different sizes and shapes (she won the coveted Nobrick Prize for her discovery of the theoretical System/DUPLO® Interface!), or how to mix two colors in one element.

Thanks to the Scientist's tireless research, Minifigures that have misplaced their legs can now attach new pieces to let them swim like fish, slither like snakes, and stomp around like robots. Her studies of a certain outer dimension have even perfected a method for swapping body parts at will!

Ah yes, the old "I wonder what will happen if I mix this with that." That's some classic science-ing right there. I used to do the same thing in chemistry class in high school but I got in trouble for it. I would always mix the most colorful chemicals together hoping to make a rainbow. It never worked, but I did manage to set off the smoke detectors once and blame it on my lab partner.

Teacher: But your lab partner isn't even here today.
Me: I know, but she managed to slip a cryptic note into my lunch telling me to light that yellow powder on fire.
Teacher: *snatches note, reading aloud* Hi honey, hope you're having a great day. I packed an extra pair of underwear in your bookbag in case the egg salad doesn't agree with you like last time. Love, Mom.
*class explodes in laughter*
Me: I'm dropping out, I f***ing mean it this time.

Thanks to liz, Jeremy and C.O., who agree the scientist will look great alongside the mermaid, fortune teller, Hollywood starlet, trendsetter, pretzel girl and cat lady minifigs LEGO has released in its previous three sets.

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