Kinetic Sand: 98% Sand, 2% Silly Putty Ingredients

September 23, 2013


This is a video demonstration of Kinetic Sand, a sand play toy made from 98% sand, and 2% Polydimethyl siloxane, a "silicon-based organic polymer...particularly known for its unusual rheological (or flow) properties." It makes the sand act...weird. Also, at $45 for 5kg (~11 pounds) of Kinetic Sand, it sounds like either polydimethyl siloxane is really, really expensive, or somebody's price gouging. Just saying, I'll sell you a bag of cat litter mixed with paint thinner for $10. It might not act the same, but neither will your kids after they eat a handful.

C OINTINEU FOR HTE VIDEO (I'm typing with my elbows).

Thanks to Roland, who may or may not be a headless Thompson gunner. In my mind he is though.

  • Alex Pola

    Why does it smell?

  • bella

    how do u make it

  • Natalie

    can i ask a question plz,
    why is my KINETIC SAND all dried up and isn't sticky anymore?
    Thanks very much if u answer this question.

  • po


  • Sniffles

    Do not, I repeat, do not put kinetic sand on your penis...

  • Jock Doubleday

    did you know that Kinetic Sand smells like glue? must be awesome for your kids, right?
    98% sand 2% Polydimethyl siloxane

  • Mohammad Fuxpigs

    This is totally messing with my cat's head. Kinetic litter box was a successful troll.

  • Cheri Fettes

    fumes got to me.

  • Ceegee Parfois
  • Sh17C0que

    But, does it blend?

  • $65180697

    So basically you wad or cut or mold it into vague shapes and it crumble apart at the slightest touch? Over and over again? Sounds fascinating.

  • It's interesting that the ad only ever shows adults playing with it. Which is fitting cuz right now I'm thinking, where was this when I was in college? I was following the Grateful Dead in college, if that gives you an idea.

  • Billie Hutcherson

    My grand daughter who is 4 played with it for hours she loves it I wish u could buy it in biger pks

  • Jade

    Cheap man version: Cornstarch and water!

  • Forblat

    He forgot about SQUAND!

  • Laura

    I was just thinking that. Isn't that just Squand? I had purple Squand!

  • Jeffery Dodds

    Warning: if Kinectic Sand touches old-fashion sand then old-fashion sand becomes Kinetic Sand. What could go wrong? <cough>Ice-9</cough>

  • Awesome reference.

  • Benjamin Cody Collins

    Why does it matter that it is gluten free ??? Are we feeding this stuff to the kids or letting them play with it ???

  • Stephen Ingrum

    DO YOU know how many people die every year from gluton???? oh, zero, that's right- it's just this year's carb.

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