Jet Powered Rocket Truck Unleashes Hell On Earth Inferno

September 3, 2013


Jesus, Optimus, WTF did you eat?!

Note: Turn the volume down on your speakers, this thing sounds like a tornado.

This is a video of a jet-powered rocket truck unleashing what can only be described as the gates of hell before blasting off to 210MPH. I felt the heat THROUGH MY COMPUTER. Jk jk, my laptop's just burning my nuts which totally works for birth control but NOT for the spread of STD's which is why you should still wrap it up unless you're in a committed, monogamous relationship. *rereads* Wow, it's like I'm a walking, talking, mouth-breathing PSA. Do your homework, kids. You don't have to go to college but it is a great place to experiment sexually.

Hit the jump for the video of every redneck's wet dream in action.

Thanks to Dario, terrence and ChaosLex, who agree all cars should come with a jet engine option.

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