Jealous!: Man With Rare Infection Brews Beer In Own Intestines, Gets Super Drunk

September 19, 2013


A 61-year old man in Texas went to the emergency room complaining about dizziness, and, after being breathalized, was revealed to have a blood alcohol content over five times the legal limit despite having not drank anything that day. How? Because his intestines have an over abundance of yeast in them and whenever he eats starchy foods it turns the sugars to ethanol. Crazy! *downs four packets of brewer's yeast like Pixy Stix*

Isolated in a hospital room for 24 hours, Cordell and gastroenterologist Dr. Justin McCarthy fed the man carbohydrate-rich foods, with regular blood-alcohol checks along the way.

After the series of tests conducted by the pair, the man's intestinal tract was found to be acting like his own brewery. infection more commonly known as Saccharomyces cerevisiae, or "auto-brewery syndrome", as reported in the International Journal of Clinical Medicine.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "This dude should pump his stomach and sell it as a microbrew?" Wow, I am puking so hard right now. But seriously, I'm not usually one to wish rare medical conditions on myself, but in this case I could make an exception. Also, for one that grows my penis to twice it's regular size whenever I'm aroused. "It's called boners." I want that so bad!

Thanks to Pyrblaze and Thaylor H, who both wish they could brew nacho cheese dip in their stomachs.

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