It Was Only A Matter Of Time (Lord): An Officially Licensed Doctor Who Mr. Potato Head Toy

September 3, 2013


This is an officially licensed Eleventh Doctor Mr. Potato Head toy from Underground Toys. You can order one from the BBC America store for $25 or Amazon for $34. Honestly, you can probably get them other places too, but it's not my job to surf the internet trying to find you the best deals on toys. Can you store the Doctor's sonic screwdriver in his ass? YOU SURE CAN, just like I do with Sharpies and my own ass. Just kidding, and if you're anybody who knows me in real life I don't really do that and am totally safe to borrow a pen from, promise. *fingers crossed behind back* Tehehehehe!

Thanks to bb gonzales, who always jams the wrong body parts in the wrong holes to make Mr. Potato Head look like he got all f***ed up in a Star Trek transporter.

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