Indescribably Beautiful: Superman & Batman Leg Lamps

September 27, 2013


These are the $35 Superman and Batman leg lamps available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth. They were loosely modeled after the leg lamp from A Christmas Story and both the lamp and leg light up (the leg is translucent and has its own bulb inside). Cool, but no Catwoman or Wonder Woman? Don't get me wrong, I love Superman and Batman's chiseled calves as much as the next guy who can appreciate another dude's muscles, but you should have made some lady lamps. Now -- are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Paint a Superman one to look like Wonder Woman?" What? No. I was going to say save my money.

Thanks to Charlie^2, aka Charlie squared, not to be confused with Charlie to the power of Charlie, who's a supervillain.

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