Harry Potter Character Myers-Briggs Personality Types

September 17, 2013


Note: Larger, legible version of the chart HERE. But go HERE first to take a Myers-Briggs personality type assessment to find out whether you're a ISFP or ENFJ or whatever.

Ever wonder which Harry Potter character most closely matches your own personality type? Of course you have. I bet your Facebook profile says you went to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry too. Do I know you, or do I know you? Just take the Myers-Briggs personalty assessment, see which character you are (after altering your answers to get the character you want to be), then change your profile picture to a picture of that character and personality description. Me? I'm a BAMF. "That isn't even a real personality." *flips table, punches hole through wall* OH NO?!

Thanks to my buddy Dave, who tried to tell me he was a Sirius Black even though I know for a fact he's more of a Neville Longbottom.

  • Sunny1285

    Gandalf. I have my grandkids call me Grandalf

  • 🍮 DessertThief 🍰

    Harry Potter! I was NOT expecting that :o

  • meankid


  • krystal decker

    I'm an ENFJ so I never expected to be Dumbledore

  • Sydney

    Hermione is an EXTROVERT. I am willing to debate this

  • GellertGPhoenix

    I'm going to have to argue strongly that Albus Dumbledore is most definitely NOT an Extrovert.

    Also, just because Fred and George are twins, does not mean that they are the same person--A common mistake made by many. Though similar, I would say that Fred would be a definite "J", whereas George might be a BIT more perceptive. In any case, they wouldn't both be "P"s, as they are too rash and reckless to be perceptive as a pair. Unless this was made after Fred was...(spoiler), in which case there's only George.

    As for Harry... Probably an "N" rather than "S", if I'm getting the definitions of those right. Also, a definite "J", which this interpretation also got wrong. In fact, One could easily argue that he's also a "F", but then INFJ is already taken by Remus(Who in my opinion is more of an "S") Actually, an ISTP(listed as Harry) would more likely be fitting of several villains I can think of... Lucius, maybe?

    Well there are so many of these that just... Don't quite fit. I can say I'm mildly disappointed.

    To be fair, some of them fit quite well... But If you've read the books as many times as some fans have, you may notice that others are (more than)a bit off.

    Personally? I'm an INFJ. So that's pretty much Dumbledore.(Possibly Lupin) As mentioned before, He's introverted, which is probably my biggest problem with this interpretation.

  • Kate

    I was Hagrid a couple years ago now I'm Luna.

  • Emily

    Lily Evans Potter! Ok?

  • Hailey Denise Hawes

    I'm a mix between Luna and Hagrid. Cool with me. (:

  • Guest

    I'm a mix between Luna and Hagrid (: Cool with me.

  • Nimrodel626

    Lovely. I appear to be large and hairy, and not the Potter kind. I got Hagrid!

  • Shawnee Tye

    this is wrong both snape and voldemort are Intj. Draco feels too much! he's more infp

  • INTP Lemmons

    Im hermione

  • Caitlin D

    I think it's pretty cool that Luna is the same personality type as JK Rowling - INFP!

  • bogus

    Nope,jk is an infj.she said so in her twitter

  • Luna Salazar

    this chart is shit. for instant, why the fuck is Harry Potter ISTP?

  • sdlfkjsd

    Because ISTP is his type, dummy.

  • Emmagination

    YES i'm luna lovegood!!!! :D my favourite character!! ^_^

  • Zoe Abug


  • CheriDunston

    I'm Severus Snape, and I'm oddly ok with that...

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