Game Boy Hard-Shell Carry On Luggage

September 26, 2013


This is the $70 ThinkGeek Travel Boy Carry On Luggage. It's called the Travel Boy instead of Game Boy because why pay for licensing rights if you don't have to? That's like throwing money away. Not eating your whole meal at a restaurant is also like throwing money away, unless you ask for a take-home box and actually take the leftovers home and eat them. Because tossing them out after sitting in your fridge for a couple days is like throwing money away as well since not only did you pay for the meal you didn't finish, but you paid for the electricity to keep that mushy Pad Thai cold in the fridge for two days before chucking it. You should have just overeaten at the restaurant and gotten diarrhea later like a regular person -- that's the real message here.

Continue for a shot of the interior and a lady dragging the thing.



Thanks to neha and Vicky, who are holding out for an Atari Lynx version. Not gonna lie, you might be waiting a while.

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