Freaky Deaky: 'Alien' Cane Toad With A Bat In Its Mouth

September 24, 2013


This is a picture of a cane toad in Peru that caught a bat in its mouth. Me? I caught a bat in a pillowcase once because it was trapped in my parents screened porch. Then I released him into the night. He promised he would come back to visit, but I never saw him again. In my mind he was a young Space Bat. So yeah, somehow a ground-dwelling cane toad managed to catch an air-dwelling bat in its mouth. It didn't fit all the way though, so it made the toad look like an alien. Happy ending! (if you're a bat lover):

Asked by [wildlife biologist Phil] Torres if the toad was able to enjoy its oversized meal, [park ranger Yufani] Olaya answered "no" and added that the bat actually got away.

Torres explains: "The toad finally gave up and spat it out. While Olaya at first thought the bat was dead, he said it slowly recovered and was able to fly away. I'm sure it won't make that mistake again."

Fun fact: did you know bats are the closest living relative to dragons? That's true -- you can tell because of their wing structure. And if you don't believe me, well, you're smarter than you look. But only because it's obvious you dressed yourself today and your shirt's inside out.

Thanks to Lila, who tried to tell me it was an actual new species of toad at first BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T READ THE ARTICLE.

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