Finally!: Galapagos Islands Now On Google Street View

September 13, 2013


Because what good is Google Street View if we can't use it to explore places we've always dreamed of traveling but never will because life is just all work and then death, the folks at Google took a walking and diving tour of the Galapagos Islands so we can all take a virtual trip to Darwin's playground. There are giant tortoises, frigatebirds, blue footed boobies (teehee!), sea lions, lava formations and MORE. I've been traveling around them for the last twenty minutes and feel like I'm really there. Just kidding, I feel like I'm really on the toilet and my legs are falling asleep, which they are.

Thanks to Stephanie B, who agrees they should hurry up and Google Street View the moon like I've been patiently requesting (okay so I might have sent a couple threats written in blood).

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