Dash-Cam Captures Near-Death Boulder Crush Mudslide

September 3, 2013


This is the dash-cam footage of a car traveling Taiwan's Badouzi Coastal Park when heavy rains trigger a landslide (you can see the top right side of the hill give way at 0:03) that ends with a giant f***ing boulder nearly crushing a car. Amazingly, the mud and water that hit the road right before the boulder pushed the car out of the way. When reached for comment, the person driving said, "Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit", which seems entirely reasonable until you realize they've never spoken English before. Near death experiences: now with the power to teach different languages. Suck it, Rosetta Stone!

Hit the jump for the video and a couple shots of the aftermath.



Thanks to Nils, SixtoFour, jordan, Hanger and Ash, who agree drivers should all take those CAUTION: FALLING ROCKS signs more seriously.

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