Darth Vader's Voice Replaced With Anakin's Dialogue

September 18, 2013


Okay listen -- I'm still at the library and a bum already asked twice if he could eat the rest of my sandwich even though it's clearly a notepad so I don't know how much longer I can last. Fingers crossed the internet is back on at my office (office = bathroom) because I gotta get out of here soon.

This is a video of Darth Vader running around doing his thing in scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy but with his dialogue replaced with all the dumb shit he said as a kid in the later movies. I tried to watch it but I had to keep the volume way down because this is a library and I already got in trouble once blasting the pork chop sandwiches G.I. Joe PSA. Whatever, it's all fun and games until this place is on fire, which *watching vagrant trying to roll a doobie with a page from 'The Boxcar Children'* looks like it might be sooner than later.

Hit the jump for the video and a BONUS relevant picture I just took, and yes, I'm sitting in the kid's section.


Thanks to Kyle the Destroyer, ChaosLex, and Great-Grand Moff Tarkin, who agree they should redub the prequels with George Lucas apologizing.

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