Darth Vader's Voice Replaced With Anakin's Dialogue

September 18, 2013


Okay listen -- I'm still at the library and a bum already asked twice if he could eat the rest of my sandwich even though it's clearly a notepad so I don't know how much longer I can last. Fingers crossed the internet is back on at my office (office = bathroom) because I gotta get out of here soon.

This is a video of Darth Vader running around doing his thing in scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy but with his dialogue replaced with all the dumb shit he said as a kid in the later movies. I tried to watch it but I had to keep the volume way down because this is a library and I already got in trouble once blasting the pork chop sandwiches G.I. Joe PSA. Whatever, it's all fun and games until this place is on fire, which *watching vagrant trying to roll a doobie with a page from 'The Boxcar Children'* looks like it might be sooner than later.

Hit the jump for the video and a BONUS relevant picture I just took, and yes, I'm sitting in the kid's section.


Thanks to Kyle the Destroyer, ChaosLex, and Great-Grand Moff Tarkin, who agree they should redub the prequels with George Lucas apologizing.

  • Fercho

    "I'm a pilot, you know?" LOL

  • Adibobea9

    I expected it to suck, but it is full of win…

  • Frédéric Purenne

    This is so well done! XD

  • Closet Nerd

    Holy Shit! That was hilarious!

  • just1nw

    Looks like someone got a manicure. Are you trying to seduce us GW? ;)

  • Reece_C

    I tried to watch the video but I couldnt take my eyes off GWs hands. They look like they've never seen a days work and are kept tucked away in Victorian lace gloves...as they should be, those things are your money maker GW. Go get some hand modeling jobs...but not from Craigslist because those will 100% no doubt end up in some guys personal collection

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