Dad Creates Super Mario Themed Bedroom For Daughter

September 20, 2013


This is the Super Mario Bros. themed bedroom that 38-year old father Dustin Carpenter created for his 13-year old daughter AJ. My bedroom? My bedroom is brown themed. Ladies love it. "It's disgusting." Ladies hate it.

"She wanted to kind of redo her room and [first] she asked if I could make a bat cave," he said. "And then she asked about a Mario room and I said, 'yeah, we can do a Mario room,' and [in the beginning] it certainly wasn't as detailed as it ended up being."

While Mario, Bowser and the Gumba on the walls are vinyl decals, Carpenter said he hand-painted everything else, including Boo, the Piranha Plant, the clouds, the pipe and the bricks.

And what helps make the room come alive are the various push buttons that play different sounds from the game, such as the "1 Up" sound and the "dum-dum-dum" when Mario goes down a green tube. The light switch - which is designed to look like the vintage Nintendo controller - plays the classic Super Mario Bros. theme song.

It's crazy to think that when Super Mario Bros. actually came out, AJ was negative 15 years old. Now I feel like an old geezer. And not just because I'm crotchety and complain about leg and back pain all the time, but that certainly doesn't help. Anybody for bingo tonight? "Please tell me you're joking." Of course I'm joking, now *chugs beer, breaks bottle over head* let's get pickled! "Pickled?" I'm 80, aren't I?

Thanks to Lana, Dave S and PYY, who all have under the sea themed bedrooms and sometimes wake up thinking they're drowning.

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