Crazy 3D Projection Mapping On Moving 2D Surfaces

September 26, 2013


This is a verrrrrrry worthwhile video of some beautiful/trippy projection mapping on two moving white boards that make them appear like 3D objects. I suck at explaining things though so you're really just going to have to watch the video to understand. There aren't any special effects by the way, it was all done by projecting video onto the two boards. Now crank up the HD, turn off the lights in your office, and if anybody pops their head in to ask what you're doing cross your eyes and say masturbating.

Seriously, watch the video -- it's worth it even if you get fired.

Thanks to killrex and Warren, who want to projection map beautiful lady figures onto their bodies then stare at themselves in the mirror (they're weird).

  • This shit is faker then my girlfriend's breast. In some shots I can see the 3D projection perspective change with the camera's viewpoint. The only way that's going to happen is with motion tracking. They messed up their fake by moving the camera’s eye point. All 3D modelers and folks involved in synthetic environments know that the 3D mapping is calculated for one point only! That’s why 3D movies and 3D TVs suck… they only work at one particular point… everyone else gets some blurred version. So basically… the shadows are all wrong… Daisy would have been proud of me!!!

  • Bitsplosion

    The camera is also controlled by a robot arm, and the projections were pre-designed with precision (Like the motion of the robot arms themselves) to make sense at the current viewpoint. Because this is a video, in a sense the 3D viewpoints ARE calculated for one point -- the point the robo-arm places the camera at. None of this would look correct if you were standing there watching, and that's not the point to begin with. Ultimately this is perfectly real, because it was /designed/ from the get-go to be a sweet video. Not sure about your GF, though.

  • Nice try BS (short for BitSplosion) still doesn't explain the lack of ambient lighting from the projectors and edge blending when using multiple projectors. Are you talking out of your ass or do you just have shit for brains? Now if these were flat screens... I would feel differently. But high precision graphics that sharp... that reactive, from that distance... forget it. Either provide objective evidence of a projector that's that capable or STFU!!!

    I'll give you a headstart: https://www.rockwellcollins...

  • MistahTibbs

    Whiteboards or 4K LED TVs?

  • Lee

    Houdini would have a brain-gasm.... about the robot arms not the magic panels.

  • Michael Knight

    get rid of the distracting antics of the guy.
    not fooling anyone that he is throwing the screens around.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    Anti-Chamber: The Short Film

  • Iknowyou

    I tried watching this on YouTube and YouTube crashed. A team of highly skilled monkeys are now trying to fix the problem so I can watch this very awesome video.

  • Davo555

    Man what I would do with two extra robot arms.

  • Jeremy Tilton

    Slick. I get a serious Portal vibe from this video. The music has riffs that sound very Portal-y and those machines remind me of GlaDos altering the testing rooms.

  • FlareAndrew

    Simply Amazing

  • WhiteEagle2

    You can't hide that robot arm from me!

  • Lee

    Indeed they cant, you can even see their x-ray'd outline @ 4:45

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