Canadian Mint's 75th Anniversary Superman Coins

September 10, 2013


The Royal Canadian Mint is releasing a series of seven different Superman coins to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the franchise. Most range in price from $30 - $130, but there's also a $750 gold one. I just ordered the whole set using my roommate's credit card and if you snitch I'm going to tell him it was all your idea. I don't even care that they all feature Queen Elizabeth II's face on the back. Sure Lois Lane would have been preferable, but I kind of like older women. How old is Queen Elizabeth anyways? "Almost 400." Like a fine wine.

Hit the jump to see them all, the one that's side-by-side is the $30 lenticular one that shows a different image when you look at from different angles.







Thanks to Michael and len, who always keep a lucky coin in their pockets for scratching lotto scratchers.

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