Bill Gates: 'Ctrl-Alt-Delete Key Combo Was A Mistake'

September 30, 2013


In news that's sure to set the computing world ablaze (or not at all), Bill Gates has confessed that the control-alt-delete keyboard combination was a mistake and the fault of a keyboard designer who refused to add a one-button equivalent. How enthralling! If I was any more on the edge of my seat I'd be on the floor.

"It was a mistake," said Microsoft's co-founder of the famous "three finger salute" in an interview last week. "We could have had a single button, but the guy who did the IBM keyboard design didn't wanna give us our single button."

"Why, when I want to turn on my software and computer, do I need to have three fingers on Control, Alt, Delete?" asked David Rubenstein, Harvard Campaign co-chair. "Whose idea was that?"

Laughing, Gates explains that the key combination was designed to prevent other apps from faking the login prompt and stealing a password.

"We were able to experiment with a lot of stuff, but more on the software side than the hardware," he said, after admitting that pressing three buttons to log in to a computer amounts to a design flaw.

You know what else is a design flaw? So many other things I don't even know where to begin. Like, why isn't there a button that hides all the p0rn on your computer if somebody asks to borrow it? That seems like a pretty serious oversight. And what about a self-destruct button? Now I'm not saying Microsoft should probably buy these ideas from me for a million dollars, but if they don't I'm taking them all to Apple. "We don't want them." Tell you what -- give me an iPod Nano and we'll call it even.

Thanks to BeltlineYYC, who heard the little squiggle button below the Escape key was also a mistake.

  • Iknowyou

    Quite a few things are a result of a mistake or an attempt to make another product, notable Teflon and Sticky notes being two of the most well known accidental products. But they did find a good use for it much like the other products, also thanks to them letting it through I can look like a genius in front of not so smart people who would go through so many clicks just to log out when I am just finger dancing on the keyboard, Crlt+Alt+Del motherfucker.

  • Rosmond

    The real reason they used CTRL+ALT+DEL for the unlock screen was, I think, an attempt to make people forget the days when that key combo was used exclusively for forcing your PC out of a crash. CTRL+ALT+DEL had become a joke, like blue screen of death, so they repurposed it to perform a neutral and common function. Propaganda

  • Pete Harman

    Actually ctrl-alt-del was intended to stop one-armed people from using computers - or people with only one hand available.

  • Bob Beatty

    What mistake? I, along with a lot of others (you!) have made tons of money from supporting Microsoft products. Why do you complain about that? Oxymoron.

  • Nemo Carlisle

    Geekologie, yesterdays news today!

  • GW...... I keep getting popups on your site now
    "Do you want to open or save analytics.js from"
    Switch your site meter :/
    Super annoying.

  • Novan

    You've probably got adware on your computer. Download Malwarebytes and run a sweep.

  • gsjci

    youve gof something with that porn key

  • The whole OS was a mistake

  • Iknowyou

    Well if you think that way, you can always go for the other two choices. I mean if Windows is too complicated for you and you want something more user friendly you can always go for a Mac. But if you think you're a super nerd and you want something more complicated, something that gives you easy access to the inner workings of the OS you can always go for a Linux, it's your choice really. After reading many reviews and doing many trials I made my choice on the basis of Windows being just about in the middle of user friendly and at same time complicated and nerdy. of course these are just the popular choices but at the end of the day it's your choice.

  • Why do you assume I haven't made my choice already? I have been using Ubuntu Linux since 2007...

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