Bad Ideas: Car Expertly Modded To Drive From Back Seat

September 17, 2013


This is the Nissan Patrol that's been modded by King of Customs to be driven from the middle of the back seat. Why? No clue, probably just because they could. Is it legal? Again, no clue. I know I'm probably starting to sound like a pretty piss-poor journalist right now, but you know what? That's okay with me. I'm not here to be NBC or CNN -- I'm here to the be the kid on the back of the bus that teaches you the real important shit in life. Stuff that MATTERS. Stuff like dirty words and misinformation about vaginas. "But the GW told me vaginas only bloom twice a year like azaleas." Okay now that's true, I stand by that.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a video of the accident waiting to happen.





Thanks to me, for being brave enough to ride in the trunk of a friend's car for over 20 minutes and only mildly starting to feel like I'd really been kidnapped.

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