Apple Maps Guides Two Drivers Onto Airport Runway

September 26, 2013


Twice this month drivers using Apple Maps for directions have wound up on a runway at Fairbanks International Airport in Alaska, thanks to a glitch in the app that affects newer devices. Honey -- doesn't this road seem a little wide to you? Thankfully, nobody was hit by an airplane.

The map actually stops at the tarmac, but twice this month, wayward drivers have continued across an active runway.

"It doesn't actually tell you to cross, but the problem is, people see the terminal then at that point, because they are right there, and they just continue across," said Fairbanks International Airport spokeswoman Angie Spear.

There were no injuries in either the Sept. 6 incident or the second one Friday, mainly because they both happened early in the morning, between flights.

First of all, most drivers suck and will follow their GPS off a cliff if it says to. Secondly, what the hell kind of airport has runways accessible by car with no security? I can't fly out of LAX without getting a TSA employee's hand up my ass past their wrist and people in Alaska are just driving onto runways all willy-nilly. It isn't fair.

Thanks to Brandon, who doesn't need GPS map apps because he's got the directional instincts of an eagle.

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