An Indiana Jones Temple Of Doom Monkey Brain Cake

September 24, 2013


Remember the scene in 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' when Indy goes to meet the Maharaja at his palace and they have that fancy dinner of baby snakes and beetles and eyeball soup and chilled monkey brain for dessert? Well this is a cake made by Instructable user BubbleandSweet to look like a chilled monkey brain. Pretty appetizing, right? Not at all. I've eaten some pretty weird stuff in my day (including a ton of shit off the floor), but I don't think I'd be able to do monkey brains. Monkeys are like, our closest relatives. Well technically it's chimps, but still. My closest relatives? I don't have any, they all died on Krypton. Get it? "There's nothing super about you." Nothing, not a single f***ing thing.

Keep going for a couple more shots including a screencap from the movie in case you're having trouble remembering or (God forbid) have never seen it.




Thanks to TBTMH, who wants to throw an Indiana Jones themed Halloween party. Fine, but I get to be Mola Ram. No -- the last remaining Knight Templar! No -- shit now I can't decide.

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