All 1.2-Billion Facebook Profile Pictures On One Page

September 27, 2013


TheFacesOfFacebook is a website containing every Facebook profile picture arranged in chronological order of joining and a link to the person's account. If you let the site access your Facebook data, it'll show which number you and all your friends are. I was right around 1-million mark. Then I zoomed in to see my actual profile picture and thought to myself, 'Damn bro, you really do have a lazy eye. You need to stop lying to yourself and just accept that eyeball is going to continue living in the basement and won't be getting a job anytime soon.' Which is a shame too because my other eye is the CEO of it's own company. "And what company is that?" Staring At Nudie Mags, Inc.

Thanks to Michelle and Randi, who heard you can fit every single Myspace user's profile pictures on the same page in high resolution.

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