Abandoned Dog Spotted On Google Maps Gets Rescued

September 12, 2013


Tear ducts functioning, check.

This is a video about Sonya, a dog who was spotted by Jennifer Velasquez while driving, and was later able to find on Google Maps. Why? Because, according to a local business owner who clearly doesn't give a shit about anything, Sonya had been living and waiting on the street alone for years -- POSSIBLY EVEN MORE THAN TEN. *GW's coal-black heart breaks* Wow, I didn't even think that was possible. Thankfully, Jennifer contacted the folks at Los Angeles pet rescue group Hope for Paws, who were able to collect Sonya, give her a bath and haircut, some much needed medical treatment, and now she is ready to NOT LIVE ON THE F***ING STREET ANYMORE. Hell yeah Sonya -- gimme paw! Now gimme kissie. Awww, GW wuv wuv wuvs you. Yes I do! I wuuuuuuuv you. *realizes we're not alone* Ahem -- good girl, sit.

Hit the jump for the video but bring tissues.

Thanks to Carrie, who urges you all to consider adopting a pet instead of buying.

  • JJ

    this was the most touching post on this site!

  • Braydon Weaver

    This was heartbreaking but so redemptive! I'm thankful there are some solid people out there willing to help the less fortunate, even dogs. I'm sure that dog's feeling some real love right now.

  • Sami

    Eldad does amazing work, he is one of my personal heroes

  • Fyn

    Mine too. I'm such a bleeding heart when it comes to animals, and he's a hero to the n'th degree!

  • Woofmaster

    Why so angry at local business owner? If I point out every stray in your city will you rescue them all (or heartlessly leave some on the streets like that guy?) When the no kill shelters are full (and in my city last time I called with a stray they were all full) will you put them in a a regular one to probably join the 2.7 million dogs and cats put down yearly (is death better than a life on the streets?) or will you personally adopt thousands of these strays? For every heartwarming story like this you are ignoring hundreds of other animals out there not getting the fairy tale ending - does that mean you "clearly don't give a shit about anything too?" Or does it mean the problem is too big for you, that guy, and rescue organizations to fully handle?

  • JJ

    The problem is NOT to big to handle...each of us can do our part in helping an animal in need and helping ONE animal, like this sweet amazing pup above, is better than being complacent..saying the problem is too big, shrugging our shoulders and walking away. THAT leads to lack of empathy for the hunger, thirst an often pain these very sweet dogs endure. WE bred them, we have a responsibility to control their population and help when we can.

  • Ben

    you realize this is a satirical site, right?

  • allergicturtle

    As an animal lover I thank you for posting this, made my day!

  • Torquil Dewar

    I shouldn't have worn these onions to work today.

  • tedsmitts

    These cranberries are so tart I'm getting a tear.

  • Bling Nye

    Was that outside Panucci's Pizza??

  • Jeremy Tilton

    My first thought too! Most touching Futurama episode ever!

  • MissySmith

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  • Bubbubsky

    That poor old lady. I feel so badly for abandoned pets and street animals. Life is a real bitch.

  • TheChappellShow

    As touching as this is, he's lucky it didn't have rabies

  • JJ

    THAT'S where your mind goes to. This perfectly illustrates the difference between someone with compassion...and a total tool.

  • It wouldn't have been living on the street "for years" with rabies. Rabies kills in a matter of weeks, and it's generally pretty apparent if you're dealing with a rabies case. Also, there are procedures for dealing with animals in high risk areas. In the future, think before being such a downer.

  • kristopher


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