A Real Dark Knight: Medieval Batman Scalemail Armor

September 11, 2013


This is the set of Dark Knight scalemail armor made by Creations by Christopher. The pre-worn armor was originally made for a webseries called 'Legends: The Dark Knight', but is now looking for a forever home for the low, low price of $9,500. Did I just make everybody want to adopt a pet? Well hopefully only the responsible people.

This scalemaille armor is handmade and takes approximately 350 hours to complete. The suit contains nearly 27,000 stainless steel rings, 3,000 small anodized aluminum scales, 4,500 anodized aluminum large scales and has an approximate weight of 60 pounds.

Damn, 60 pounds? I'm not sure I could stand up in that. Lay down and be eaten by a dragon, sure. Come dragon -- I am your virgin sacrifice, chosen by the village elder to ensure a bountiful harvest. "You smell like mead." JUST EAT ME ALREADY. "Can I see your butt virginity card first?" Hahaha, I, uh...I must have lost it on the trek over here.

Hit the jump for the whole outfit along with a BONUS Harley Quinn chainmail bra and skirt.





Thanks to me, for being smart enough to learn the magical arts after realizing I'd never make it as a princess-saving knight.

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