419-Million Year Old 'Missing Link' Fish Fossil Discovered

September 27, 2013


Seen here looking like a cross between a shark, killer whale, cowboy boot and a sea turtle with an unfortunate chin penis, is an artist's impression of Entelognathus, an ancient fish paleontologists believe may be the missing link between the extinct bony armored Placoderms and modern fish. And, despite how little you actually care, apparently it's a big discovery.

Palaeontologists say the fossilised fish, which was found in the suburbs of a city in south-west China, is probably the earliest creature with a recognisable jaw.

"This is a huge discovery for science, not just palaeontology,"

"This fish fills a gap between an extinct class of animals and the entire living fish fauna on the planet, which is 30,000 species.

"It's a huge discovery that fills a massive gap in our knowledge of the evolution of the first backboned animals."

When I was a kid I wanted to be a paleontologist when I grew up because I was so into dinosaurs. Now I am grown up and, SURPRISE, I'm not a paleontologist. But I did take a paleontology course in college as an elective. I had to drop it after a couple weeks though because it was a 4000-level class and I was a freshman. I wasn't even supposed to be ALLOWED to take it. You think somebody would have noticed my shitty looking mustache and just asked if I was 17.

Thanks to Delabear, who wishes the fossil record also indicated what extinct animals tasted like.

  • Anderson Monteiro

    Just another chinese fake dino...

  • KrinkelstheMurderclown

    Its a fish, not a dinosaur.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    A fish OLDER than dinosaurs...

  • Guest

    Grandpa looks funneh. :D

  • kristopher

    The infamous Boner Shark

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