♫ Tiptoe Through Time Stream With Meeeeeeeeee ♫: Custom Shaped/Painted Doctor Who TARDIS Ukulele

September 5, 2013


Go look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? A giant Doctor Who fan who also plays the ukulele? Congratulations, you're one of a kind. Just kidding, there are probably four of you, but you're still way more special than anybody has ever thought I was. You know those mugs they sell that say stuff like 'Number #1 Dad'? Mine reads 'Easily In The Bottom 10% of Sons'. This is a $700 custom Doctor Who ukulele made and sold by Etsy seller celentanowoodworks. The body looks like a TARDIS and it also has a custom Doctor Who logo head. Did I ever tell you I tried out for a ukulele spot in my high school's marching band? The band teacher was like, "We don't need ukulele any players" and I was all, "You only THINK you don't," before pretending the ukulele was my penis and I was wailing on it like Jimi Hendrix. I was seriously *this close* to setting the thing on fire when he sent me to the principal's office.

Hit the jump for closeups.





Thanks to carey, who once played the ukulele so hard people almost forgot they were at a Hawaiian music festival and not a death metal concert.

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