Zombucks: 1-Ounce Silver Zombie Apocalypse Coins

August 7, 2013


What are we gonna use for currency after the zombie apocalypse arrives? Will it just be a barter system? My roommate says we're gonna use human teeth but he's one of the stupidest people I know. This is the Zombucks™ Walker 1 oz silver round. They cost $22 and feature a zombie on the front and a biohazard symbol on the back. They're not real currency for any country though, they're just minted by Provident Metals. You know, I think it's high time you and I make our own currency. We'll call them peenors, and they'll come in the highest denomination possible -- GAJILLIONS. The coins will be called nubbins.

Hit the jump for a shot of the rear. For a shot of my rear? Check out the latest Leather and Lace catalog.


Thanks to AngelOTF, who agrees beef jerky is going to be worth its weight in silver novelty coins when the apocalypse really hits.

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