Yeah You Did: NES Controller Konami Code Forearm Tat

August 20, 2013


This is the NES controller Konami code tattoo (with 1:1 scale buttons!) that Kevin Pacheco got on his forearm. Presumably as some romantic inspiration for when the internet is out and he's too exhausted to use his imagination. Unfortunately, it actually reads upside-down to Kevin.

You can always tell when someone remembers but doesn't quite remember this code. They're usually the first to blurt out that I'm missing "select" in the string, to which I must remind them that "select" only works when you're playing Contra and you are playing with a 2nd player. No 2nd player? No need for select (which incidentally, can be entered at any point in the code, not just at the end before start). Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

I dunno, maybe the Konami code has some sort of special meaning to Kevin. Of course, something doesn't necessarily have to have any special meaning for someone to get a tattoo of it. *lifting back of shirt* Just check out my tramp stamp. "It's the ninja turtles sitting around a table." And? "And above them it reads, 'IT'S A PIZZA PARTY!'" Bad example, that one actually means a lot to me.

Thanks to Side Effect and Davis, who both have tattoos of secret family recipes.

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